Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the West Siberia

Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the West Siberia – to the capital of Russian oil and gas industry – to the European Championships in orienteering and the next stage of World Cup orienteering competitions!
Conducting such significant sports events in European and World level in our region, we consider as a sign of respect for our country, to our people and our culture. We are proud of our involvement in the industrial development of the subsoil and territory of Western Siberia, not having on a scale unparalleled in the world practice. We are also proud of belonging to the social and cultural development of Western Siberia. Our contribution is, in particular, also in the organization and development orienteering in Tyumen and Tyumen region.
Sincerely and wholeheartedly we wish you, as followers of one of the most wonderful and the most promising for mankind sports, success at distances of competitions, new, positive, emotions from the competitions and from communication with friends – rivals, from meetings with spectators and fans.
We wish you that our motto: “In orienteering importantly – it does not to give yourself” helped you not only on forest distances (competitions), but also in life. The only way we – the people of planet Earth – can become better, kinder, more honest and stronger, only so we can keep it for posterity.
We wish you all happiness, health and sports success!

Sincerely first Master of Sports of the USSR in Tyumen and Tyumen region:
Mamyashev Vener – Professor Tyumen State Oil and Gas University,
Vasilieva Nina and Sinyakova Valentina – employees
and also Yarkov Victor – the champion in World Masters Championship of ski
orienteering in 2014.

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